Masaba's Shoppable Mannequin Challenge

Everyone loves watching videos. What everyone also loves is shopping- as they browse through hundreds of photos on websites. When these two collide- a new era of shopping is born.

Move over ‘regular’ shopping websites. We at Toch bring to you a new way of shopping- Video Shopping. Now all you have to do is watch your favorite video and whatever catches your fancy in it- just touch it and it’s yours! Whether it’s an outfit, the location, or an accessory- they’re all waiting to be owned in a touch.

So why limit the experience to the mannequin video? We decided to take it a step further with the country’s most premier designer Masaba so you can own her collection, with just a touch. Watch her latest collection from the runway and shop, exclusively on Toch. And because the collection is worn by real people and moving in the video, what better way to envision how it really looks?

No more static images, no more boring online catalogs. It’s a new era, and it’s time to get ahead of the curve. Shoppable videos are here, and they are going to change the way you shop. Why shop old when you can shop new? Start video shopping now, download Now!


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