Anupamaa Dayal’s Opening Show left us in awe!

The fourth season of India Beach Fashion Week had everyone raving! And the opening by none other than Anupamaa Dayal did absolute justice to it!

Everything that came on the ramp had us swooning. Flowy silhouettes in warm hues of pink, red and orange in stripes and all patterns nice! It was fun and very very enticing. During the show, we heard some of the onlookers mumble “This is going to look great on me”, “I totally need it for the next vacation”, “Anupamaa’s collection has me hooked”. Don’t believe them? Check out the video to see for yourself!

Every garment in the collection tells a story, speaks to you. Your next vacation or simple weekend shenanigans are going to be incomplete without these pieces. What’s more? Most pieces in the collection are designed to suit different body types and do wonders to them.
Anupamaa has always been known for her unconventional and effortlessly stylish clothing that celebrates feminine aura with happy hues and eclectic prints. A lot of nature and a lot of abstraction define Anupamaa’s style!

This collection is no different. Toch is thrilled to be bringing to you the opportunity to video shop Anupamaa’s fabulous collection as soon as it is off the runway! You don’t need to be an A-lister attending the event, all you need is a Smartphone with Toch downloaded to add miracles to your wardrobe!

Video shopping is revolutionizing the culture of shopping and Toch takes pride in being a pioneer of this new technology. We at Toch love to bring you the latest and best that fashion has to offer! For every girl deserves to look like her dream.

These three days are going to be an extravaganza. Follow this space to get all the updates on IBFW and experience the euphoria from your phone!


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