Video shop away to glory Sounia Gohil’s collection, only at Toch

Sensual. Urban florals. Lots of white. Accents of fringe, metallic, and velvet. Latin drapes. Mesmerised? So were we!

Think destination weddings, think Sounia Gohil’s collection. Day 1 of IBFW seems to be only taking our expectations higher. Those who saw the show were visualizing themselves in those outfits, and as you watch the video here, you are going to do the same. It’s glamorous but it has a raw appeal. It’s versatile, playful and elegant all at the same time.

After Anupama’s mirage of colors, this collection pacifies you while setting the celebratory mood. The show video is going to give you a feel of watching the show live and walking the runway wearing those clothes. What’s more? You can actually live your dream, and buy the collection before anyone else. For it’s Toch: Bringing fabulous fashion for you before anyone else with ultimate grandeur.

Video shop away to glory Sounia Gohil’s collection, only at Toch. Watch, discover great things, one tap and it is yours!

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