Presenting to you Amrose D’Souza’s Wanderlust

We saw some brilliant women’s fashion in the Day 1 of IBFW 2017 so far. It’s time to cruise through men’s fashion now.

Presenting to you Amrose D’Souza’s Wanderlust.

Suppose you have to pack for a vacation. A getaway. That requires you to have that casual vibe and be party ready all at the same time. That requires you to pack for fashion that is effortlessly stylish and suave. This collection is all that you need.

Amrose D’Souza has decoded a man’s hack to perfecting casual style like a boss. A beautiful exhibition of earthy tones and navys, guest appearances by stripes, fossil prints and patch work, and you are all set to look like you mean business but know fashion. Blazers and Moroccan prints, bird prints and hearts, denims, and bold striped kurtas. This collection brought into play the most unexpected of elements together and proved that men can experiment. It felt like a true urban soul who’s travelling to places far, exotic and wide collecting memories and souveniers and collating cultures, while keeping his urban spirit alive.

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