Drool over the collection of Rocky Star and get your edge with the latest fashion with Toch!

When Rocky Star brings something on the ramp, you cannot help but notice and be floored and swept off your feet. Rocky Star show in India Showcase Week 2017 was an extraordinary tale of design and love.

Inspired by Shringara, the many moods of love, this show manifested a women's journey of discovering love. It showed her paving her way through exotic forests and absorbing a bit of all that she stumbled upon. The ensembles glowed in an exotic flavor that made pastels and florals look like a piece of art in a never-seen-before fashion.

Toch is thrilled to introduce you to Rocky Star's exclusive collection straight from the runway before anyone else. Don't wait, just get there and shop for all that is great. Lose yourself to the magic of this wonderful story with shoppable videos from Toch. Great fashion deserves great platforms. Static is boring. Hence, Toch is making video shopping possible for you.

Voluminous dramatic silhouettes and flattering cuts that make for a coalition of beauty and drama await your presence to own and conquer them.

Soft, fluid georgette and chiffon highlight the romanticism in the collection. Ruffles, slits and feminine detailing made the outfits look like a dream come true.

It is a perfect depiction of the relationship between the individual and the divine.

There was a lot for men also with digital printed indo-western outfits in earthy tones. Waistcoats, kurtas and more made for a stunning cocktail of art and design.

Drool over this collection and get your edge with the latest fashion, only with Toch.

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