Karishma brings the poetry of the nature on ramp!

Karishma endeavours that every deserving inspiring women is groomed with best outfits suiting to her style. She always gets inspired from the beauty of nature; diamonds and geometrical shapes.

The one stop solution to all in fashion Industry: Thiana by Karishma Mehta has always offered a wide variety of Goan Themed Resort Wear, Cocktail Dresses and Evening Gowns.
Karishma showcased her summer collection ‘RAVE’ in Goa International Week 2017, where she takes butterfly as her inspiration and uses combination of bold and nude shades. Elongated sleeves n bold cuts that will make you wanna buy it instantly.

Karishma begins the show with her collection of warm and bright colors. From bright yellow to soothing green she captures the essence of all these colors. The pinks in her collection stand above all others being not just bright but also elegant at the same time. Her collection is designed especially for the Summer fun. The floral print for the sunny days and the solid for the party evenings. And the Showstopper’s blue dress is the exact thing to grab to dazzle for the next party.

Karishma’s is all set to beautify the modern women with her western collection.

Come and witness the Karishma’s new collection here at Toch.
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