Glimpse of Goa with Harold

Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress, but put it in the right way. Toch presents Harold for the first time on its platform with his exclusive collection from International fashion week. Harold is a versed Fashion Designer with a prior experience with Organisations like FabIndia, Satori Garments etc. which are renowned for their Fashion proficiency. And now Harold is presenting his all different collection in Goa. Harold has taken inspiration from the Goan Culture for this show.

Harold names this collection as "Reviving Goa".

He describes his collection as a Goan Cultural Theme collection, which means his collection would comprise of traditional and non commercial designs, however it includes pieces of contemporary designs created from traditional textiles of Goa.

Harold brings together the traditional and the modern Goa at the platform. And not just for women, he has a lot for the handsome hunks as well. The fabulous Wraparounds and the traditional sarees set the stage on fire. The skirts and the palazzos represented a classic western look of Goa.
Harold had presented one of the best of his works for his fans.

Join us on Toch and explore everything that we have in our bag for you.

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