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When exquisite clothes make you feel more festive than the festival itself – that is what a Zeba Chaudhary outfit can do. I had recently completed fashion week for upcoming Festivals through the current collection and pick out many looks to get into the festive mood and even though I knew this was the outfit for me the moment I laid eyes on it.

It’s perfect for the upcoming Navratri too but I imagine myself shining like fireworks on Diwali in this outfit. It’s also one of those evergreen looks that can be worn at weddings, cocktails. And if you go without the shararas (flared pants) below – it’s actually a really great festive dress too! Festive season is officially in full swing and shopping is literally on everyone’s mind.

The Zeba Chaudhary store also had the same look on black & gold instead of red and as much as I liked that one more, I know for a fact that red is so much more popular during this time and more radiant too! Happy festive season everyone! Stay safe, make merry, look great, be happy and don’t forget to be nice to everyone! Here are pics of me soaking in every bit of the outfit.

{ Outfit Details } Outfit: Zeba Chaudhary
Shoes: Truffle Collection
Earrings: Vintage
Watch: Omega Watches
On my lips: Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayon in Pink

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