Bioscopewala- Nostalgia awaits

"Everyone has an incomplete story." This one sentence hits home with most people. There is something in our lives that we had to let go off or just couldn't finish. Regrets as most people call it.
This is a story about one such incomplete story.

Bioscopewala is inspired by a highly celebrated children's story, Kabuliwala, written by Rabindranath Tagore. The film is about a woman who meets her deceased father's old friend who used to operate a bioscope show that she loved as a child. A hill of love and cinema unravels that connects India and Afganistan.

Tagore's stories have been a part of most children's lives, so his name tends to be surrounded by an air of nostalgia. Will Bioscopewala be able to live up to Tagore's great storytelling and transport us to our childhood? Watch the trailer NOW!

Share with us your favorite Tagore story in the comments below.

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