TOCH: Revolutionizing The Virtual World, One Step At A Time

Admit It. You have a superpower. The ability to watch an unimaginable amount of videos without even flinching. Right? What if we said that there is now a way to make that experience even better? TOCH brings to you the next big thing that will change the way you watch and shop all under one roof.

There are several first world problems that we face today. Some at the top of the list are watching a video and seeing an outfit that you wish you had, watching the new trending trailer and being unable to remember the name of the actor no matter how hard you try, having to browse for a long time before you find something worth watching and more.

TOCH brings to you the solution you have been waiting for. Hand-picked content under several different categories updated every single day. Each video tagged in a way that you can see what is happening, who the people in the video are, what they are feeling, and what they are wearing and other products around them. Like something you see? Clickable links appear right next to the video, making shopping a breeze. All this and more without having to go anywhere else.

Experience the TOCH magic at launching today at 5pm. See you there.


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Now available for iOS / Android !

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