FIFA World Cup 2018 | Round of 16 (2/2)

The last of the 4 matches of the round of 16 just got over and each of these matches was exceptional in their own way.

The 4 fixtures; Sweden v Switzerland, Columbia v England, Belgium v Japan and Brazil v Mexico were all very close games, one of which went to penalty shootouts once again (Columbia v England).

Belgium made a comeback, wherein they won 3-2 while initially being 0-2 down till the 69’ minute, and scored the winning goal in extra time!

Similarly in the England game, the English center back Yerry Mina managed to equalize the score in extra time, which eventually led to England winning the fixture!

This game has also widened the lead for Harry Kane in the race of the golden boot, wherein he is on top of the leaderboard with 6 goals! The only competition he has now for the boot is with the Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku who has 4 goals to his name.

Brazil v Mexico was relatively one-sided where the Brazilian teams did their best to shut out the Mexican strikers, not allowing them to capitalize on their chances.

Sweden likewise just managed to scrape by against Switzerland with only a 1-0 victory.

This world cup has seen most of the goals come in the second half of the game, which is unlike any other world cup we have ever seen before!

This tournament is truly an example of the saying, “The match is not over until the final whistle has blown!”

The world cup also showcases the fair play, passion, kindness and the humility of not just the players but the fans as well! The Japanese team has won the hearts of many by holding true to their teachings where they cleaned up the player locker room and left a note which said, “thank you” in Russian! Not only that, the Japanese fans after every match stay back and help pick out the trash in the stadium! These gestures are what make this saying come to life, “football, the beautiful game!”

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