FIFA World Cup Semi-finals! (1/2)

The first semi-final fixture between France and Belgium was one of the most action-packed game in the tournament as of yet. As this game was a game of counter attacks.

Both sides were continually attacking the opponent’s goal relentlessly. It is as the saying goes, “Attack is the best form of defence.”

Even though the game brought everyone to the edge of their seats, there has to be a winner and a loser. And in this game France came out on top with just the one goal, coming from Samuel Umtiti the center back for France.

The goal came from an inch-perfect corner kick assist from Griezmann, and a perfectly placed header from Umtiti, ergo beating the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois.

Even though both the teams played at their very best, some of the players from both the teams stood out from the rest because of their exceptional performance. Like: Hazard, Kevin DeBruyne, Courtois, Lloris, Varane, Pavard, and Mbappe.

Both the keepers being on top of their game made exceptional saves through out the game, to prevent the other team from extending the lead/equalizing/or giving a chance for comeback.

Now we have the finals between Croatia & France to look forward to, and the 3rd place play-off between Belgium & England!

Let us know who do you think will win the world cup in the comments section below!

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