FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals! (2/2)

The second Semi-Final is also finally over and now we know the teams that will be playing in the third place play-offs and the finals! They fixtures are: Belgium v England and France v Croatia respectively.

Croatia have managed to get into the finals for the very first time and it is well deserved, as their performance in the world cup has been sublime. The main reason for this is because of the excellent performance by their captain Luka Modric the control centre for their team, along with Ivan Rakitic.

England had a good run until they met with Croatia who gave them a run for their money. As the game went into extra time with the scores level at 1-1. But with an impressive finish by Mario Mandzukic they took the lead in the 109th minute, which led them to their very first world cup finals ever!

However England put the pressure on them since the beginning, scoring a freekick in the 5th minute. Kieran Trippier had tucked it in the top right corner, making it impossible for the Croatian keeper, Subasic to save it.

England kept up fighting till the very end even after Croatia equalized in the 68th minute with a header from Perisic. Even though England couldn’t bring it home this time around, they will still be fighting with their all in the 3rd place play-off against Belgium and will come back with an even greater force in the next world cup.

Croatia now has to fight the French-Men for a chance to win the world cup! It is the only obstacle standing in their way now and probably their hardest fight but not an impossible one. Time and time again Croatia has proved that they deserve to be in the finals, as seen in their match against Argentina, Denmark, and even England.

If they manage to play with the passion they have shown, history could be made!

Do you think Croatia can win the world cup for the first time? Let us know in the comments section below!

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