Belgium triumphed over England in the match to decide the 3rd and 4th place finisher of the FIFA World Cup 2018. Belgium managed to score 2 goals, by Thomas Meunier and Eden Hazard in St. Petersburg.

Even though Meunier wasn’t able to play for Belgium in their semi-finals against France due to a suspension, he managed to score a goal against England in the first 4 minutes of the game itself! This was the quickest goal England has conceded in World Cup history!

Belgium’s win over England gives them the bragging rights now, as in this tournament, England has lost to Belgium twice already now. The first win for Belgium over England coming in the group stages where they won 1-0 and their second win being in the play-off where they won 2-0 now.

After assisting Meunier in his first goal, Chadli was subbed off before the first half because of a hamstring injury. Not only that, England failed to capitalize on many chances during the game, the most opportune ones coming for Kane, Lingard, Loftus-cheek and Sterling.

England almost managed to equalize when Dier came face to face with the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois, lifting it over him towards an open goal. Only to have the ball kicked away from the goal line with superb defending from Alderweireld who came sliding in!

This was the turning point in the match, where Belgium managed to relentlessly rip apart the English defence with many chances they failed to capitalize on.

The keeper for the English team however was on the top of his game, making exceptional saves not only in this game, but also throughout the whole tournament! The best of his saves coming in this match where he denied Belgium to increase their lead by stopping a cracker of a volley from Mertens with one hand, which was brought ahead with an amazing counter attack from Belgium!

But, during the 82nd minute due to their never ending attacks they finally got past the English keeper, with an impeccable through ball from Kevin DeBruyne to the skipper of the Belgium team, Eden Hazard, who managed to extend their lead, crushing the hopes for any sort of comeback of the English team.

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