Clandestino – Shakira ft. Maluma | “Fire Behind the Forbidden Love”

Shakira and Maluma’s “Clandestino” depicts “The fire behind the forbidden love”. As arcane as this spanish word sounds, that’s the element which takes it up a notch.

If discerned, Shakira and Maluma’s duets have intensively emphasized on catchphrases like “forbidden” or to “utmost secrecy”. Their earlier duets like “Chantaje”, include myriad flirtatious innuendos and furthermore their song “Trap” talks about a relationship that is merely on thread but has a desire to live.

This recurrent pattern can certainly not be ignored by one, especially when it’s Shakira we are talking about! “Clandestino” bestows a tale of forbidden passion.

When translated literally, the song folds many angles. Shakira emphasizes on the feeling that feels right according to her but her guilty conscience thinks otherwise.

She quotes “ I don’t need any other Don Juan”, which itself is controversial, as according to the legend Don Juan’s character is portrayed as a wealthy philanderer who devotes his life to seducing women and taking great pride in his ability to do so.

As the song proceeds, one can take cognizance of the roller coaster emotions that’s been portrayed, where towards one end words like anxiety, disease, inconvenience is used to describe the love felt, whilst towards the other, words like fire, love, entertainment does the needful.

All and all the song accounts a Kaleidoscopic perspective that makes the battle field of love even more desirable.

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