This World Cup Final was nothing like we have ever seen before! France managed to over come the hurdle known as Croatia, beating them 4-2. However, the match was very eventful to say the least.

This match was entertaining right from the whistle as Mario Mandzukic, the striker for the Croatian squad whose goal allowed them to proceed to the finals scored on the wrong side of the pitch! Which left the Croatians lagging behind right from the very beginning. However, since the knockout matches Croatia has always bounced back from conceding first in every game.

This lead of theirs was very short lived, as 10 minutes later, Perisic tucked the ball in the back of the net with a rifle of a shot, leaving no chance for the French captain and goalkeeper to save his shot.

With a controversial handball by perisic, the goal scorer in their box and with the help of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) France won a penalty. Where Griezmann walked upto the spot and beat Subasic with ease in the 38th minute.

Surprisingly, this was Frence’s first shot on target for the match!

Even though the ball did hit his hand, there was enough of a grey area for many to call it a harsh decision.

Let us know in the comments section below if you thought it was a penalty!

The second half began with a pitch invasion, claimed by Russian female punk band Pussy Riot. It followed what was a controversial end to the first half that saw France head into the break 2-1 up.

Croatia had been the dominant side, securing about 60% possession, but due to a series of unfortunate events, they ended up chasing after France.

The game was put to an end after Pogba’s sensational left footed strike, which left the Croatian goalie rooted to his spot. Following which Mbappe, the 19 years old scored a long-range shot making the score 4-1 for France!

Mbappe has scored 4 goals in the 7 matches he has played!

However, Mandzukic managed to take one back from Croatia due to an error by their captain, Lloris. Making Mandzukic the first person to ever score for both teams in a world cup final after his earlier own goal that gave the French-men their first goal.

Much like the tournament itself, the final was a thrilling combination of drama and madness.
An own goal, VAR controversy, a penalty goal, pitch invaders, stunning strikes and an awful blunder. One could not ask for a better final than that!

After the match was the award ceremony, wherein the golden ball went to the skipper of the Croatian team, Luka Modric, the golden boot was given to the English-man Harry Kane, the Golden glove was given to the Belgian keeper, Courtois, the best young player award was given to Kylian Mbappe, the 19 years old French-man and the World Cup was lifted by France in the end, after a valiant effort by Croatia.

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