Sanjeev Kapoor | India's Master-Chef!

Sanjeev Kapoor, an Indian celebrity chef, and a Padma Shri winner, who has left his mark on millions of households through his very own show “Khana Khazana”, which was indeed considered to be the longest running show of its kind in Asia, with a turnout of more than 500 million viewers. The warmth and affability bestowed by Sanjeev Kapoor on this show, made it feasible for the viewers to comprehend and embark on the teachings, even if it meant going beyond their wonted routine.
Thus this show entered the households like no other!

Apart from his entrepreneurial skills, Sanjeev Kapoor has a vibrant personality, cum fire within him that’s gushing with escapades. His recent one leaving everyone gee-whizz, when he made a Guinness World Record by creating a mammoth sized khichdi. Fun fact, he simply didn’t just achieve this record but nailed it with a huge margin jawdrop!

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