Patient Zero | A New Kind of Pandemic Thriller!

We all know that the zombie genre has fizzled out, but once in a while a movie will come around which will rejuvenate the genre and leave everyone excited about it! THIS is that movie.

The film focuses on a global pandemic of a strain of rabies, which has turned the majority of humankind into highly intelligent, streamlined killers called The Infected. One would assume that this movie also follows the norm of zombie movies. However, you would be incorrect!

In this film, Matt Smith plays the role of a person who got bit, but didn’t turn into an infected! But instead gave him the power to communicate with the infected! He and Natalie dormer join forces to try to find the cure by finding the root cause of the infection, “patient zero”.

However they end up stumbling onto an infected professor who is well spoken and smokes cigarettes, and he happens to be Stanley Tucci who perfectly shows that if there ever was a smooth talking zombie, he would be it!

With a cast like Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci and Matt Smith starring in a pandemic thriller it is very hard to say that it won’t be a good movie. The trailer itself depicts a thriller with undertones of playfulness and silliness.

You never know, maybe this movie could be the one to revive the zombie genre!

Tell us which is your favourite zombie movie in the comments section below!

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