Me So Bad - Tianshe | Highway to Joyride!

Tinashe’s “Me So Bad” features double collaborators, Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana. After three consecutive years of unsuccessful singles and false starts, the silver linning is finally casting.

Her Joyride campaign doesn’t stand alone consist of only one but three new singles : ‘No Drama’, ‘Faded Love’, and ‘Me So Bad’. ‘Me So Bad’, was the last to be out and since its release, it’s already become one of Tinashe’s biggest hits. It bagged over a whopping 1000,000 Youtube views on its very first day and thus it became her fastest video to reach one million.

The cinematography is breathtaking, as its colourful tennis-themed music video is like glitter to the eyes, like legit the visuals are vibrant and striking in a manner that’s hard to miss. The opening window of the music video consists of the singer starring as a tennis player, diffusing jaunty vibes throughout. The transitioning of scenes and its choreography is such that viewers are compelled to watch it till the very end.

Amidst of all these laurels, Tinashe confirms that this is just the kick-off to something worth waiting for, and all her upcoming contents would roll out the audience to a different era altogether.

Seems like her pop-star prowess is taking her places and she is definitely here to stay!

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