How to Train your Dragon 3 | End of an era?

The final part of the how to train your dragon trilogy is due to release in early 2019 which happens to be one of the most successful movies of DreamWorks Animation.

The previous two parts have done exceptionally well and the upcoming series is expected to do better than both the previous parts. As, in this final movie a new type of dragon is introduced, a ‘light-fury’!

This movie will showcase Hiccup and Toothless trying to rescue the last of the night-fury species!

What’s surprising is how finished the film looks despite being less than 9 months away! This trailer shows almost the entire story, and while I wouldn’t say it spoils the movie, it’s certainly a far cry from a teaser. And yet it looks good, and Toothless is somehow even more adorable than usual!

Clearly, the final chapter of this series is going to be a must-watch film!

Check out the trailer down below!

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