Tempted to Touch - Zaeden ft. Rupee

Sahil Sharma who is widely known as Zaeden is one of India’s most popular dance artists, who has collaborated with Rupee and Lisa Haydon to create ‘Tempted to Touch’ (a remake of Rupee’s hit) in collaboration with Tinder India!

The music video of this song is shot beautifully in Delhi and Mumbai, making the song to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Lisa Haydon was also the perfect fit for the role, for which no one could have replaced her!

Rupee had this to say for Zaeden after working with him, “Zaeden and his team's energy, humility, insight, and spirit definitely struck a positive chord with me and I echoed these sentiments to my team. After a lot of hard work from both parties, we are blessed to have finally reached a destination of incredible musical ingredients, added to a working formula!” to which Lisa Haydon added on, “Zaeden is truly in touch with pop culture today. And that is reflective in this classic remake, which made it an obvious choice to want to collaborate on the video with him and his team. It’s rare to work with creatives that are so open to everyone bringing their POV to the table and yet maintaining their own individuality and signature style. It’s an amazing track!”

This song will definitely get you in the groove! If you haven’t heard it yet, click on the video down below!

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