Done for me - Charlie Puth

This was Charlie’s 4th single release prior to the release of his sophomore album, ‘Voicenotes’ which released on 11th May 2018. This was his second studio album after his 2016 album, ‘Nine Track Mind’.

We can see his music transitioning from his ‘60s inspired swing towards a more adult and funkier R&B style. Needless to say the audience are loving his new style, as the previous three singles released prior to ‘Look at me now’ had all been hits!

This single of his is featuring Kehlani, which allows him to combine his falsetto and striking vocal range perfectly with the sharp yet sweet vocals of Kehlani!

He single begins with questioning his relationship by saying, “what you’ve done for me”, before effortlessly transitioning into a lover’s quarrel between Puth and the consistently impressive Kehlani.

This duo of theirs brings out the best in both of them! If you think we are lying, check out their music video down below!

Let us know your favourite song by Charlie Puth in the comments section down below!

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