“The Way I Am” is the fifth single from Puth’s recently issued second LP Voicenotes, following “Attention,” “How Long,” “Done for Me” (featuring Kehlani) and “Change.” The album peaked at number 4 in the billboard top 200.

“Everybody is trying to be famous, while i'm trying a place to hide” Puth sings on Voicenotes single. The 26 year old star has come out with this refreshing song. In the video,'he looks miserable during what appears to be a house party. The song has a 90's vibe about it. He himself is seen crying in the video, yearning for deeper connection.

He seems to be a mismatch at the party as others are seen dancing and drinking along the video whereas he finds solitude on a floor littered with guitar pedals. Charlie is also seen locking eyes with a attractive woman.

The video surely does manage to capture human emotions. Check out the video now!

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