A project taken over by James Cameron and Jon Landau is based on the manga written by Yukito Kishiro – “Battle Angel Alita”. It will be classified under the genre of cyberpunk action films.

This particular film has been in the talks of being made since 2000! But it was confirmed that it is happening when James Cameron confirmed that a script for the film was in production during an interview on ‘Tokudane!’ program on Fuji TV on 4th May 2003.

Since then, this live adaptation has kept on being postponed by Cameron due to various other movies of his going in the works, like, Aliens and then Avatar. Cameron’s reasoning for producing Avatar first was due to the fact that he thought that, that movie could help raise public awareness of the need for environmental protection.

That is not all, Cameron intends to use the same technologies that were developed for Avatar i.e: Fusion Camera System, Facial Performance Capture and the Simulcam which took him about 10 months to develop specifically for Avatar! He is doing this because he had decided that the main character in the movie, Altia, would be rendered completely through CGI alone!

The first trailer for this movie was released on 8th December 2018 and the second one on 23rd July 2018. The second trailer featured the cover of Linkin Park’s “New Divide” covered by the composer J2 ft. Avery.

This movie will finally be hitting the theatres on 21st December 2018, you will not want to miss out on this one!

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, click on the video down below!

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