La Cintura - Alvaro Soler

"La Cintura”, is a song by Spanish singer-songwriter Alvaro Soler. “La Cintura”, when translated in English – “The Waist”. The song (remix) features Flo Rida & Tini.

The cinematography apart from being vibrant and hard to miss, the clip shows colorful scenes of everyone enjoying and relishing summer either on a jet sky or in the middle of the city dancing away to the rhythm of the song. A feeling that justifies giving it all in, letting yourself groove with the beats or submerging into another world created just by you and your aura. Another dimension with your doings.

The song was shot in between Miami and Cuba (picking the perfect holiday destinations!).

Soler became well-known in the United States after recording “El Mismo Sol” with Jennifer Lopez, and although it is not in his plans to come to the US, he hopes his “La Cintura” remix will reach fans internationally, carving his way through their hearts!

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