Sorry - Halsey

“Sorry”, is a song recorded by American singer and songwriter Halsey for her second studio album “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom”. It was written by Halsey and Greg Kurstin, the latter also producing the song. The track is a downtempo ballad where she apologizes to her potential lovers for not letting them to get close to her, and always having a veil i.e: not letting her guard down. Such vulnerable feels is what almost all individuals relate to as no one likes the idea or the feeling of being completely naked especially amidst of all the perils of the world. Complete self-reach is like putting oneself in jeopardy throughout, and indeed is the mentality worldwide, hence lack of trust, honestly and trueness.

The song is a simplistic piano arranged ballad which lasts for quite somewhile along with downright soulful vocal melody.

The accompanying music video for Sorry was directed by Sing J Lee and Halsey. The video begins with the singer with wounds on her face after a car crash from the ending of “Now or Never” (a previous singles connectivity), she starts walking on a street on fire with dead bodies and abandoned vehicles everywhere. The cinematography may seem to have dark humour or dull phase, however there is a catch in midst of all the controversy. The wounds are a declaration of “putting the guard down finally” and its very chaotic nature that caused the imbalance. The “Street on fire” is a symbolic one which signifies the power struggle from within that is outcasted externally once the veil is finally uncovered. Abandoned vehicles are the equalizer to abandoned hope which is almost the case everywhere and its emptiness attached which goes above and beyond.

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