“Back To You" which is featured on the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 soundtrack, is suspected by some fans to be about Gomez's on and off relationship with Justin Bieber.

The queen of pop world released the song on 5th June, much before the anticipation of her fans. “Back to you” is plot driven and follows a quirky couple after they meet at a party, steal a car, and end up on the lam. The video in my words is a delightfully absurd rom-com. To most the video might not make sense but who cares? For the celebrity who boasts a 140 million followers on Instagram itself.

"If i could do it all again, i know i would go back to you" is one of the line which stands out in the song. It shows a guy and her sneak away in a romantic classic getaway style. The couple are also seen recording their getaway on an old polaroid camera and cam-corder. Well to make things more interesting and something which has created a buzz on social media is the similarity of the guy with blonde hair in the video and the similarity of his haircut to Justin Bieber. Enough already to make the video interesting right? It is a must watch for Justin-Selena fans.

Does this mean anything or serve as a hint about their relationship cant say for surety. Check out the video and enjoy.

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