In My Blood - Shawn Mendes

“In My Blood”, is a song recorded by Canadian singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes. The song was released on march 22,2018 as the lead single from Mendes self-titled third studio album.

“In My Blood”, chronicles Mendes struggle with anxiety disorder and marks the first time the singer has publicly discussed his experiences with the mental health disorder. When he was deciding as to what to write, he wanted to put forward something as significant and serious as anxiety tangible where everybody can listen and either connect to it and come to terms with it or comprehend it in a much mature and accepting manner. Mendes goes a step further into depths of how the mental health struggle is a battle that can last upto a duration of two hours, a day or even five minutes, and regardless of it, how important it is to understand how normal the condition is and very much treatable. All the “gaga” behind it is a hyped buzz created to draw attention in areas flooding for reasons to exist.

Mendes tries to draw parallels between something as normal as beats and rhythm to connect with the disorder to simplify its occurrence, and its state emphasising on the term “Normal”.

Mendes here thus has put forward a heroic act as backing up all those who need the warmth created by his efforts, and by shunning light to where necessary is what makes him loved and respected by all. A leader in the industry in its true form and sense, creating a difference that matters even though it may seem like “baby steps” to change it definitely is something accumulating for the greater good.

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