Sugarland - Babe ft. Taylor Swift

She’s known for hiding references to her personal life in her work, but in the case of her latest song, there are more questions than answers. The biggest being: Who is Taylor Swift’s new song “Babe” about, does it have the innuendo we are hinting towards? On Friday, the artist released the new track with Sugarland which heavily hints at cheating and deceiving. The potential culprits for the song’s subject include Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor Kennedy and beyond, according to the fan base speculation on Twitter. However in the end Swift hasn’t gone on the record about her inspiration, it’s up to the listeners for interpretation which is what makes it so controversial to say the least. The hidden cracks and pits in the song will make you wanna get your big magnifying glass out like the pop-culture detective to crack this case.

It’s worth pointing out that with lines like “You really blew this babe/ We ain’t getting through this one, babe / This is the last time I’ll ever call you, babe- these lyrics might seem vague but the song weighs universal relatable experiences and not just circling to Swift’s own life. Every soul victimised by something that hurtful can indirectly have a voice of their own, Swift being the major pillar.

Monahan confessed to ABC News Radio, hinting that the young collaborator was drawing on something more personal for “Babe” and he quoted “It’s her song, I was just lucky enough to be a part of it with her.. I’m not going through different relationships and breakups and all the stuff that young people do, so her perspective is very fresh”. Thus Taylor’s history might be otherwise a blessing in disguise making her one of the most loved and respected artists of all times, and an individual one can easily empathise to.

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