Remind me to forget - Kygo, Miguel | It won't be easy to forget!!!

Kygo dropped one of his best songs (in my opinion) with Miguel, called “remind me to forget”! Just the play on the name of the song makes you wonder what he is talking about and makes you want to listen to it!

Kygo knows his forte is in the tropical-house genre and uses his stregths very well, which he uses to compliment the warm vocals of Miguel through out the songs.

Kygo uses his catchy beats along with the soulful voice of Miguel to give life to his song! Something that not a lot of Dj’s can do as well his him. You can see this happening in the first verse itself, “It never fades away, it’s staying, Your kiss like broken glass on my skin, And all the greatest loves end in violence, It’s tearing up my voice, left in silence.” Kygo makes this verse stand out by pairing it with a light background!

This song will remind you of your heartbreaks but at the same time has a very good vibe to it, which has the power to inherently make you feel good.

This song has a relatively deeper meaning of how it is nearly impossible to forget the one who you once loved, but contrastingly has put it with a tropical and uplifting beat, thereby giving the listener the feeling of hope.

This song currently has 2 versions on Youtube, the official music video, which has over 44 million views and the audio version that has 44 million views! Accruing to almost 100 Million views!

If you still haven’t heard the song, click on the video down below NOW!!!

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