When Obama Loved Osama

“When Obama Loved Osama”, as quirky as the name sounds, it also has a element where one cannot simply walk past it without noticing it twice, and obviously LOL-ing.

The upcoming 2018 Indian comedy stars Mousam Sharma, Swati Bakshi as leads.

The plot revolves around two youngsters, Maggi Obama and Aman Osama, who come from a different communal background are in love with each other. The thrill lies behind whether their love will overcome the religious differences and the fact if they will ever be united. The struggle between pure unconditional love and immense superficial hatred will come in picture.

The storyline may sound cliché and overplayed, but it’s the reality that repeatedly needs to hit the limelight for realisation and weakling the orthodox mentality which bridges gap between relationships and ultimately progress. No matter what the advancement , if the crux of it isn’t strengthen one will always return to square one and in this case the taboo of communal background and its restrictions.

Apart from being relatable to many, it also is the ugly truth which needs to be acknowledged and worked upon. Such movies surely impact as the visual creates a connect with characters and their lives can be empathised. Being the pillar for the unheard and helpless is what such movies are all about, backing them up for assurance and a shoulder to breathe on amidst the polluted mindset. Hence movies on such lines should be less criticised and more valued as they give in more to the society as a whole.

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