Page 16

Page 16 is a Bollywood Supernatural thriller film where the story centers in relation to an ambitious builder Ajay, who’s life turned upside down when he bought a book for his son Harsh. It all started with page 16 of “The Book” where his past and present life gets entangled, in other words everything falling apart and going haywire.

The suspense-thriller duo is ought  to bring backbone chills with hints of mystery  element needed to spice it up. Although the synopsis may sound dull and unreal as the story centers around a mystery book, the storyline and its built up is worth acknowledging and its suspense may just rewire your brain.
One cannot simply start the movie and leave midway, is the mantra this movie is based on because once you come in contact you are without a doubt hooked on.

The film stars Aseem Ali Khan as Ajay, Bidita Bag as Jessica, Master Ayan as Harsh and Kiran Kumar as Dr Mathur. The await is supposedly to be vanished on 17th August 2018.

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