Zero is an upcoming 2018 Indian science fiction romantic drama film written by Himanshu Sharma.

The plot follows khan playing a guy of short stature, who falls in love with a superstar played by Kaif. Sharma portrays the character of a girl with intellectual disability.

The twist of bringing something so delicate and vulnerable to the limelight and dimming its seriousness with drama and an epic storyline is what the movie is all about. It’s a novelle way of getting the audience’s attention to matters like these which on a daily basis is simply ignored and overlooked.

The film was initially titled 'Katrina meri jaan', however, this was later scrapped because the producers thought the title would be too misleading to people and would make them presume the film is about Kaif, taking all the attention away from why the film that was produced in the first place, it's ultimate goal.

In the end, a unanimous decision was made to call the film zero, and leave it open for interpretation , raising the levels of curiosity as to what it is about!

Check out their teaser down below!

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