Ciara - Level Up

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Level up is a latest song by American singer Ciara which has swiftly taken its listeners by surprise. Alongside this, the reception to the music video was positive and thus furthermore becoming the number one trending video on Youtube and spawning the Level Up Challenge which features fans and celebrities recording their own versions of the video’s choreography.

However, the first question that pops-up in our mind is “Whats the buzz about the video streaming?, that too with such huge success? To answer a few, the wild dance choreography and its smooth transition with the music that syncs in with the beat. Although that’s not it, what makes in “Lit” today is its sporty, classy and fun-filled outfits that range from cropped hoodies to sweatpants, from sheer clothing to top notch sneakers. In today’s era with a drastic cultural shift towards health and fitness, these outfits ought to be the most prominent kind.

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