James Bay – Wild love

Earlier this year James Bay dropped his single – ‘Wild Love’ where in he is rocking a fedora-less look for a change and is reppin’ his unique style, which is now only a click away for you!

This song was his first new song since he first released his album – ‘Chaos and the calm’ in 2015! This single is inherently different from the folk-rock from his debut.

“I know some of this new sound was not apparent on my first album – there were hints, perhaps – but I think my new music helps to paint a fuller picture of who I am,” Bay said of his new musical direction. “As soon as I recognized I was being pinned down as ‘the intimate acoustic guitar guy’ I realized I knew I had to push myself musically. I want it as part of my arsenal, but I don’t want that solely to define me. I’m not there yet, but hope that this new music can do for singer-songwriter, loosely, what Drake and Chance The Rapper are doing for their genre: tearing up the rule book.” Says James Bay

He is going for change, a change in his music and his style. Teaching us to embrace change. So lets embrace this change with him by learning to be different!

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