DJ Snake - Magenta Riddim

DJ Snake’s “Magenta Riddim” is pure fire, and partially because it spread rapidly like forest fire. The song’s melody features heavy Indian inspiration, so the clip takes place in India too. It’s vibrant, funky and soulful, self aided it to be one of the most played and charged up EDM song of all times.

The cinematography kicks off to another level, because as crazy as the music makes you feel, the clip is even crazier! Infact the whole musical has crazy written all over it. The beat would make you wanna groove and dance till you drop at the same time would make you want to find your zen and have a “me time” (Get a music that does both? Think we found it).

However its making and direction has a feeling of warmth attached to it which glues the fanbase, and makes it even more energetic altogether.

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